Brini Sabrina zehetbauer

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"BRINIDAD is the umbrella term for the work that i do and create within dance, music and fashion"


Brini grew up dancing in Vienna and started her career as a performer when she was 16. Since then she danced and choreographed for Austrian TV, reknown Austrian and German artists such as Iggi Kelly from the Kelly Family, Vincent Bueno, Raf Camora or Jan Delay and worked with international brands like Dyson or Blumarine.


Born and raised in Vienna, Brini first got in touch with dance at the age of 4. The styles that were introduced to her first were Jazz in combination with Broadway singing & dancing. She has always been a natural performer and her dreams would put her on stages like the MTV Music Awards which then led her into training Hip Hop Foundations, House and Stage Choreography. At 16 she landed her first Job dancing for Puls4.


Apart from dance, the talented young woman's interests have always revolved around the fashion world, which made her become a certified Make Up Artist in 2012. She still works as a Visagist for Commercials & Fashion shoots today and applies her many years of experience working on different kind of sets in her work as a creative & entrepreneur.

After gradually teaching in Vienna for many years, while educating herself taking intensives and classes in other European Cities like London, Berlin and Amsterdam, in 2017, the one and only Shirlene Quigley awarded Brini with a scholarship to train at Broadway Dance Center in New York City. In 2018 she made that dream a reality. Being a scholar at BDC and training with dance legends like Luam, Sekou Heru, Jessica Castro, Candace Brown, Princess Lockeroo and later Dana Foglia shaped Brini's teaching methods and choreographic style into what is now brinidad dance and choreography.


Returning to Vienna in 2019 she originated a different kind of motivation within the Viennese dance scene. In the summer of 2019 she made her debut as a teacher in London at base dance studios. Later that year, in September, Brini conceptualized and organized the first HEELS DANCE INTENSIVE in Austria together with the four fellow powerwomen Teresa Janschitz, Valerie Lichtenwörther, Sarah & Julia Reindl, known today as VIENNA HEELS.

During the pandemic in 2020, the young entrepreneur became a board member of tanzstudiosAT - the official association for dance studios and workshop creators in Austria to strengthen genuine unity and fairness within the dance world. A union that has been long overdue for the Austrian Dance Community.

Another idea Brini made reality in 2020 is @buildupbybrini - a private Instagram account that offers frequent live online morning warm ups to get ready for the day and help building a healthy routine into freelancing females' and dancers' lives.

And last but not least, beside from dance, music has always been Brini's biggest passion. The talented singer's first song "Meant to be" was released in June 2020. Later that year she had the honor to feature on a song from Austria's Eurovision 2020 & 2021candidate Vincent Bueno. The song is called Snatch like a Wolf.


Broadway Dance Center NYC (scholarship) 2018 & 2019 / Dana Foglia Dance 2020 / Official Blackroll Trainer Certificate 2021 / Austrian group trainer theory exam 2020 / University of Vienna Translation & Interpreting / Make Up Artist Certificate 2012 / University of Applied Arts (Fashion) / Parsons School of Design NYC


Ottakringer / Blumarine / Iggi Kelly / Vincent Bueno / Raf Camora / Vöslauer / Kiddy Contest / Base Dance Studio London / Puls4 / ORF / Zweikanalton / Kalina / BigsMile Club / Vienna Heels more.

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