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BRINIDAD - what's that?

Hi everyone,

I'm Brini and BRINIDAD is what I create - a place, a city, a world where everything is possible!

After launching my first website in 2019 about me as a dancer, choreographer and artist, I realized that with all that I do, I need to separate certain things. For me there's a difference between myself (Brini) and brinidad, and I hope this all makes sense to you. So now there's brini.site and brinidad.com. At first I wanted to create a mini online magazine and a whole new platform for dance, music and fashion in Vienna to support our community and help the industry grow and change the game, but after a while I realized that I don't have the capacity yet to make all that happen. That would have meant to give up dancing, singing, making music and dedicate myself 100% to this project and I'm not ready to do that just yet. I'm someone who is very capable of doing many things, but there's a limit to what a single person can do, which is why I've decided to take brinidad down a notch and simply make it an extension of what I do and help me support myself first, to, in the future, be even more able and ready to support others.

I hope that everyone who saw the first launch is not disappointed and understands my decision and where I'm coming from. An online magazine has to wait, but it's not said that it will never happen, but patience is key. I'm young now and I want to reach my full potential as much as I can, step by step, hour by hour and day by day.

Much love to all of you and keep it kexi,


PS: always feel free to share, comment, like.. you know how this goes.

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