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HEELS 101, 102 & 103

Since I use the terms HEELS 101, 102 and 103 so often, I figured it would be a good idea to write a short post that is dedicated to telling you about them. So here we go!

First things first: HEELS 101

HEELS 101 covers the fundamentals you need to properly and elegantly balance, walk and dance in a stiletto shoe. It is a pure heels technique class dedicated to giving you all the necessary basics to move on to the next level:


In HEELS 102 I quickly go over some terms like the bevel or the K-line (shaping your legs like the letter K) and then move on to a fun beginner-friendly heels dance combo with easy musicality and movements.

As soon as you have mastered HEELS 102, you can approach:


This is the intermediate/advanced heels choreography level specific to my style #brinidadchoreography. In that class, the choreography is the center for the training and will push you to your limits. Side note: I've always loved the aesthetics of dancing in a pump, so my more recent choreographies are mostly pump combos based on that aesthetic. Dancing in a pump is a big challenge, but once you master it, you can dance in any stiletto shoe! In my closed group of.LOVE (level 103) we specifically work on dancing in pumps for example.

update 2022: I now even use 101, 102 & 103 as levels for all my classes or tutorials. Meaning that a 101 class are always basics, 102 a beginner-friendly combo and 103 choreographies specific to my style with more intricate musicality, a higher level of technique and need understanding of movement quality.

I hope this short blogmag post gives you some insight and understanding of my dance levels and helps you choose the right classes for yourself. But also I want to encourage you to take higher level classes before you feel ready for them too, just to see what is still possible and motivate you to keep going and pushing for what you love.

With love,


photos by Marko Zlousic


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