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I'm a big vintage fashion lover -- it's sustainable and unique -- making it an ultimate win-win situation for ourselves and the planet.

As a kid (and to be frank with you... still now) I used to love shopping in my grandma's closet. Imagine young Brini with big puppy eyes asking: "Do you still wear this Oma? Can I have this?", eyelashes fluttering at high speed... and that's how I got some of my all time number one pieces I would then combine into my outfits however I felt fit. There are a number of dope vintage spots in Vienna or also cute brands like wildsoul clothing that upcycle vintage or second hand pieces into contemporary eye catchers. Today though, I want to tell you about my personal favorite spot most of you probably don't know yet -- so keep reading fellow style afficionados:

Introducing KUNST19 by BG

Yes that's the one! Kunst19 by BG is situated in the 19th district and holds some real treasures.

You'll find exquisite second hand designer pieces from Chanel to Versace, as well as fine accessoires and shoes. Anything a true vintage heart would wish for.

Bettina Gaber (BG) is the owner of the small boutique and will always help you find what you might look for since she knows her shop like the back of her hand. Some of her best findings are also available online --> check her website or the etsy store in case you're not in Vienna. If you add a message with "BRINI Vintage Fashion" until the end of August you will get 20% off your Kunst19 by BG fashion or accessories order, this also applies if you pay the store a visit in persona. <3

Address: Billrothstrasse 61, A-1190 Vienna (closest public transport station: Gatterburggasse)

A while ago we shot three outfits. I call them The Queen B, The J.lo and The Anna Dello Russo. If my fav piece of the outfit I'm wearing is still available, I linked it to the online shop, be quick there's always only one available! If you have further questions, drop Bettina Gaber a message on Instagram and she will help you out.

swipe through for some detail photos by @dasryno

Let me know when you found something you had to add to your wardrobe and feel free to tag me in your IG stories if you decide to post about it.

In any case, I believe it's absolutely worth paying Kunst19 by BG a visit. To me it feels like stepping into a secret hidden garden of antiques and vintage fashion every time I go.

All the love,



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