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Un-break My Heart

a brinidad dance visual

2020 broke many hearts including mine on so many levels - here's to picking up some of the pieces and creating from them.

choreography, styling, make up & direction: Sabrina Zehetbauer @brinidad


Debbie Galias @debbsi

Sarah Reindl @imsarahr

Julia Reindl @imjuliar

Sibylle Eugenie Hasler @sibyllehasler

Valerie Lichtenwörther @valerielichtenwoerther

Fia Schoepf @fia.schoepf

camera & edit: Christina Appel @bychrisss

behind the scenes footage: Lisa Holley @lisalilianh

green tracksuit by VIS A VIS @vis_a_vis_official

song: Toni Braxton, Frankie Knuckles Un-break My Heart Classic Radio Mix


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