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the power of taking things slow



  • 12+ hours of wholesome high-class dancing, training and connection

  • healthy & sustainable dance training methods

  • individual growth measurement & feedback

  • new brinidad choreography (a mix of contemporary, jazz, hip hop, acting and a whole lot of feels)

  • pump heels optional

  • limited to a maximum of 11 Spots

  • experience in dance required

  • a complete open and judge-free space where you are able to be your most authentic

  • small surprise gift

the power of taking things slow...

Our world is fast-paced - but the real joy unfolds when we fully allow ourselves to immerse in the present moment.

With this very simplistic approach I want to make you feel at home within yourself while working on your dancing, technique, grooves and self.

We'll be learning one new brinidad choreography during within these 2 weeks --
looking at every move and transition in great detail slowly adding layers and dynamics, so that by the end you can enjoy dancing the choreography to the fullest. This gives you the opportunity to let go and focus more on movement quality, dynamics and expression instead of picking up the steps -- taking your dancing and yourself
to the next level.



1070 Vienna



payment plans available

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