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What to do when you get a co(VID)ld as a dance artist

Haven't we all been there? You wake up with a dry throat, little energy and maybe a bit light headed... you're not quite sure if you're starting to get ill or you already are, BUT you are a dancer/dance teacher or overall professional dance artist and you keep going with your daily life.

If this sounds familiar, keep on reading, because I'm going to tell you exactly what to do when this happens... and if this does not sound familiar, keep reading because this is information I think we all need to hear:


I'm serious! Get a sub for your classes, or cancel them and don't go to or do any training. Instead give your body the rest it is telling you to take until you feel 100% recovered. Maybe this sounds harsh to you, but I've been there many times. Still holding classes or thinking I need to get back into training when I was not yet fully back on track, regretting it the next day, because I felt worse again. Our health is more important than anything in the world and it is our duty to treasure it. Obviously everyone is different and with maturity you know how to take care of yourself, but especially as dancers and movers we continously feel like we have to keep going. I call it the dancers' disease... and sometimes even if we know that we should probably rest, we still don't, so here's me telling you to stay at home.

Let me give you one more scenario: You're a professional dancer and you have a job, for example a music video or a performance, but you wake up feeling woozy. That is tricky, I gotta be honest, because usually there's noone who could jump in for you and the crew is counting on you. If you are able to still do a professional job that day, I would say go ahead and do it. BUT IF NOT, I don't think it's neither professional, nor smart and you should call in sick. If you are contagious, stay in bed!

Ok, so what else should I do when I feel a cold creeping in, you're asking yourself?

Here are my top 6 tips for you to get back on track and fight a cold when it's just starting:

1) REST - means sleep as much as you can

2) WATER - drink at least 4 times as much as you usually do

3) ZINC - you can get some at dm for example

4) eat FRUITS & VEGETABLES (especially garlic and onions!)

5) GINGER in any form

6) and again: REST - for dancers or overall workaholics I want to highlight this again

Sometimes I would go to the grocery store, trying to listen to what my body is in need of... weirdly I always need blue & raspberries, maybe this helps you too.

One more thing: I would also not recommend taking ibuprofen or similar medication immediately. An inflammation of any type means our body is fighting bacteria or an infection, give your body two to three full days to try and fight on its own. If it's not getting any better within 3 days, get your kexi ass to the ENT physician or your GP.

...and that would be all for now. I hope this post can help some of you, because sometimes somebody telling us to stay at home, is all we need.

Stay healthy,

all the love,



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